Frequently Asked Questions


Do you specialize in commercial services?

Since 1972 we have been a cutting-edge industry leader in pest control management. We have been the leader in integrated pest management and disease vector control in health care facilities and have proved outstanding service in the area for nearly 40 years.

We have proven experience in the following industries:

Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing Homes
Commercial Warehouses
Property Management
Health Care Facilities
Daycare Centers

How do you treat health care facilities?

Hospitals, assisted living facilities, daycare center, physician’s offices, and health specialty clinics are sensitive that require a careful, measured pest management program. Heavy traffic flow and patient care requirements make an Integrated Pest Management program essential to prevent pest infestations and address pest activity.

Magnolia’s professional staff of certified or higher technicians engage in continual training to ensure the highest level of expertise in the area. Our support team of entomologist help create and monitor our service protocols, ensuring that our treatments comply with the best industry practices and the product selections are safe, effective, and confirm to EPA regulations.

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