Commercial Services


Health Care Facilities

Since pests are vectors of various diseases, medical facilities and specific environments within medical facilities require different levels of control. Magnolia Exterminating can customize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to address the needs of zero tolerance environments. We can also assist facility staff to implement sound practices and policies to address constant issues. We also provide detailed reporting that can assist in identifying and properly addressing potential conditions that are conducive to pest activity.


Commercial Office Space

We understand from our customers that well-managed properties have an impact on the attractiveness of the property's current tenants, potential tenants, staff, and clients visiting a business. Magnolia Exterminating will provide the best professional pest control services and cover the full range of office complexes. We offer integrated pest management (IPM) programs that are LEED compliant. All of our IPM programs can be customized to meet the various needs and requirements of your office complex. We are able to meet the needs of on-site managers and remote managers with detailed reporting provided so issues can be effectively addressed quickly.


Educational Facilities

Magnolia Exterminating recognizes that there are several key stakeholders when servicing educational facilities. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach addresses the concerns and needs of decision-makers, children, and adults in the classroom. We review the needs and the scope of work at the school system and develop an IPM program in coordination with the school system to implement a professional pest control plan that meets the needs. We cover all the major pest control issues including general pest control, bed bugs, bees, termites, bird abatement, and rodents.


Food Processing and Storage Facilities

The constant attention necessary to be in compliance with all the regulations and restrictions associated with food processing can be challenging, particularly with all the new changes being introduced. Magnolia Exterminating understands that our clients need to feel confident that the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program at their facility is implemented effectively and will keep them in compliance. We also understand that our clients depend on us to recommend the best practices. Our IPM programs can be customized to meet the various needs and requirements of your facility.

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