Residential Pest Management In Jackson MS

Pest Control that is GUARANTEED to eliminate pests from your home in the greater Jackson, MS area

At Magnolia Exterminating, we have over four decades of experience in offering pest control services that are guaranteed to help you completely eliminate your pest problem and are 100% safe for both pets and family. We apply only the best products and use our extensive knowledge of pests to control and minimize the possibility for future infestations. If you’re looking for an exterminator that can combine the science of pest habits with biology and a knowledge of conditions that contribute to creating major infestations, look no further! Magnolia Exterminating has a range of solutions and technologies for your particular infestation.

Our team of professionals at Magnolia Exterminating has years of experience in offering straightforward solutions to your pest problems. By focusing on your particular situation and answering any questions you might have, you’ll feel comfortable from the very start.

Wondering what you can expect with our personalized pest control techniques? Our initial service is a so-called “clean out” which we use to eliminate the pests which already exist in and around your house. Once we perform the initial “clean out” service, we sign you up for our regular pest control program which is specially designed to maintain the protective barrier in your home. This prevents any future infestations from occurring throughout the entire year!


Residential Pest Control Steps And Strategies

1. Inspection
We consider the inspection phase one of the most important stages for pest control. Before applying our professional products, we conduct a thorough examination both inside and outside your home in order to determine the sources of your infestation. We also make note of any contributing conditions which might make your home conducive to pest infestations. Our detailed analysis of your entire home will help us make a personalized strategy for eliminating your existing infestation and preventing any future ones from ever occurring again.

2. Identification
Our next phase is identifying the pests around your home and determining which product would be most suitable for the relevant infestation. We are fully aware that no pest control product is able to successfully treat all infestations and that using the wrong product can even make the infestation worse. At Magnolia Exterminating, we have over 40 years of experience in choosing the most suitable product for your home and the particular insect infestation that you have.

3. Customized Treatment and Solutions
Are you looking to control your current pest infestation and prevent any future infestations from occurring? If you’re looking to do so in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, Magnolia Exterminating is at your disposal. Once we have applied our safe technologies and eliminated existing pests in and around your home, we apply a range of different barriers to prevent infestations from occurring again in the future. Take a look at some of the following strategies we use:

  • Identify and recommend sealing insect entry points
  • Identify and eliminate pest-harboring areas
  • Investigate sheds and pool equipment
  • Investigate front and backyards as well as all relevant landscaping.

4. Prevention
One of the most important steps in our pest extermination program is preventing pests from becoming a problem in your house in the first place. If you treat your pest problem but continue with your pro-pest daily routines, there is a good chance that your pests will come back in no time. For instance, this includes strategies as obvious as cleaning up crumbs, screening vents and fixing leaks in your watering systems. To a large extent, prevention strategies depend on your specific home, so one of our technicians at Magnolia Exterminating would be happy to assist you in making a customized prevention plan.


Expert Residential Pest Management Services

Do you have a pest problem in or around your home? Tired of pest extermination solutions that do not completely eliminate your problem? If so, feel free to contact our team at Magnolia Exterminating for more information on how you can eradicate your pest problem for good. We are happy to conduct a preliminary evaluation of your pest infestation and give you a customized overview of how we think you should go about resolving it. For a free consultation or more information about our services, contact us today!

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